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When choosing an aerial photographer in South Florida (Miami, Broward & Palm Beach Counties), you want to be sure you'll get optimum results. Anything less is a waste of your money and time.

That's why you need an experienced aerial photographer, an aircraft with a stable platform, and state-of-the-art camera equipment. All three variables must be right to get that winning shot. Miami Aerial Photo has got you covered.

Our full-time aerial photographer, Juan Vasquez, is an expert airplane and helicopter pilot with more than 10 years of professional photography experience. He doesn't just take great photos; he makes them happen.

We fly both helicopters and airplanes that offer easy maneuverability and great stability. We use helicopters when extreme wide-angles or low-altitude photos are required. To ensure clarity, we shoot our photos through an open window, never through plexiglass.

Using professional digital equipment, we create high-definition aerial images that feature extraordinary color and detail. Our digital imaging post-production studio is then able to manipulate the photos to deliver the end result required for your application.

Miami Aerial Photo brings a creative perspective to taking pictures. The firm is owned and operated by WG Studios in Miami, Florida. Established in 1998, WG Studios is known for its innovative graphic design. It has a solid reputation built on more than two decades of producing award-winning websites, brochures and ads for all types of businesses located throughout Florida and the world.

Our background in graphic design and marketing comes into play whenever we snap a photo. We know the result is not just a picture; it's a brand experience that will shape a perception. Through Miami Aerial Photo and WG Studios, our goal is to create great work that helps companies like yours evolve and succeed.

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