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When you need that perfect picture from above, Miami Aerial Photo is the answer.

We Exceed Your Highest Expectations

We can do oblique aerial photographs taken at an angle to the horizon as well as vertical aerials that look straight down and capture the subject from directly overhead. We can shoot at any time of day or night to get just the right lighting.

Our aerial photos are useful for numerous applications including:

  • Architectural, construction planning, site development and construction progress - aerial time-lapse photography scheduled on a monthly basis or photo shoots scheduled at milestones
  • Site location, site surveys, geographical and vertical photography maps
  • Real estate marketing - retail/shopping centers, apartment complexes, condominiums, resorts, single family homes, etc.
  • Transportation - vehicles, boats, ships, aircrafts, etc.
  • Special events
  • Advertising and editorial articles - for magazines, newspapers, TV news, etc.
  • Public works, government planning, reports and studies
  • Industrial, maritime and other corporate needs
  • Legal matters - accident scenes and evidence
  • Motion pictures
  • Stock photography

Versatile and resourceful. That's how our clients describe us. At Miami Aerial Photo we see every shoot as a unique challenge, a problem in search of the best possible solution. Give us an understanding of how your photos will be used, and we'll recommend an approach.

Among the types of aerial pictures we can produce are:

  • Traditional straight down aerials - provides overview of the land, roads, etc.
  • Angle shots - useful for design of buildings and distant objects such as cities and water views
  • Close-ups - shows excellent detail of buildings or small parcels of land
  • Distant and large areas - can reveal features as far as 15 to 20 miles from the main site
  • Objects in motion - use for boats, cruise and cargo ships, aircrafts, etc.

No matter the type of picture or application, Miami Aerial photo will deliver crisp, quality images that meet your objectives. Good ideas, great execution. That's how we fly. Contact us today to discuss your aerial photography project.

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